Black cat




Black cat

   Black cat are often considered as a symbol of evil omens and associated with witches and black magic. It is widely believed that black cat bring bad luck (e.g. when black cat crossing your path). However, the preternatural powers ascribed to black cats are frequently viewed positively, for example by seamen considering a ship's cat in general and a black one especially as luck for their ship. Such superstitions have caused special attention to black cats in culture: literature, films and, of course, fine art. Many gifted artists devoted their paintings to enigmatic and mysterious black cats. Popular names for black cats are Blackie, Ninja, Ebony, Panther, Enigma.

   Here below the paintings with black cat are presented. Click to any painting to enlarge it.

FineArtAmerica Prints
FineArtAmerica Prints
Jeremiah Morelli
Aleksandr Podshivalov - Walk
Angela Barrett
Celia Pike Jolson
Chrissie Snelling
Gwen Sylvester - Ninja, October
Colette Bruneliere - Cache-cache
Colette Bruneliere
Colin Taylor - The Hunter
Patricia Dahlheimer - Two Cats with Red Hibiscus
Dimitar Bogdanov
Dmitrij  Kashtanov - Master
Elena Revuckaya - Prodigal Cat
Gail Levine - Looking Home
Elza Filipa - The Moon Cat
Elza Filipa
Vicky Mount - Snowy
Francois Knopf - Harvest
Elwell Tristan
Geoffrey Tristram - Luna
Geza Faragy - Slim Woman with a Cat
Chrissie Snelling
Isy Ochoa - Cat in Corricella, Italy
Isy Ochoa - Cat of Burano
Ivan Kolisnyk - Evening Cat
Robert Papp
Ivan Kolisnyk - Independent
Persis Clayton Weirs
Jean-Jacques Sempe
Laura Boyd
Alan Albegov - Bagira's Travel
Linda Apple - Black Cat and Mouse
Lowell Herrero
Lyn Estall - Cat-o-Lantern
Mariano Epelbaum
Ivan Kolisnyk
Persis Clayton Weirs
Persis Clayton Weirs
Ivan Kolisnyk - Morning Cat
Tatyana Gorshunova - Black Cat
Sharon Steinhaus - Topaz
Shirley Enright - Black Cat
Susan Smith Evans - Cat's Shadow
Susan Lamy - A Cat in Santorini
Susan Bourdet - Gardener's Helper
Svetlana Krotova - One-cat show
Tatyana Gorshunova - Black Cat
Tatyana Rodionova
Tatyana Rodionova
Tatyana Rodionova
Tatyana Vuks - Black Cat
Tatyana Rodionova
Yuliya Tihonyuk - Day and Night
Valerie Evanson - Tuxedo cat by the garden
Valerij Veselovskij
Valerij Villevaldt - Encounter
Wain Louis - The cat in his garden
Yvonne Carter - Church Cat
Alexey Kofanov - View of the Trinity Church
Lewis Barrett Lehrman - Cat Manor
Bato Dugarzhapov
Ljuba Eremina - Cat
Black Cats
Nikolaj Bessonov - Love-philtre
Marina Puzyrenko - Star Cat
Samvel Atasunc
Francois Knopf - Cat on the water
Persis Clayton Weirs
Elena Ivanova - Inner state of the soul
Gulshat Gilmanova
Francois Knopf - The Pose
Darya Veretshagina - Magic cat
Francois Knopf - Queen of Spades
Luana Silence - Space Cat
Milolika - Snow night
Kate Leiper Alonzo
Irina Garmashova
Anna Hollerer
Gina Femrite - Halloween Kitty