Orange cat

   Evidence for temperament associations in orange cat is mixed. Some cat owners have found orange cat have fiery tempers and unpredictable behavior. At the same time others have suggested that such cats are even-tempered, laid back and love to sit on your lap and are content as long as you are sitting near them and petting their fur. Anyway, whether its running around crazily or following you around the house and staring at you adoringly, orange cat love to make sure you are happy. Popular names for orange cats are Amber, Goldie, Ginger, Ember, Copper.

   Here below the paintings with orange cat are presented. Click to any painting to enlarge it.

Innocence - Stephanie Manchipp
The Illuminated Cat - Alex Carter
Thomas stray - Teresa Boston
Sun Bather - Alisa
Anton Gorcevich
Anton Gorcevich
Avril Haynes
Gold - Boris Kasyanov
Bernard Vercruyce
Gardener's World - Bernard Willington
Walk - Boris Kasyanov
Bernard Vercruyce
Boris Ivanov
A Prickley Pear and Poncho - Charles Wysocki
Cats Meow - Charles Wysocki
Charles Wysocki
Remington the Well Read - Charles Wysocki
Debbie Cook
Debbie Cook
Debbie Cook
Ginger nut - Dianne Whitney-Searle
Orange Piter Cat - Dmitrij  Kustanovich
Dragon - cypherx
Holiday Village - Ekaterina Yastrebova
Ekaterina Krivoshej
Oh, summer - Elena Hlebnikova
Get a tan - Elena Krasnova
Museum Cat - JimmieTrotter
Girl and Her Loved Cat - Elena Revuckaya
Cat - Galina Popova
Trents Cat - Gary Brown
Guests - Mariya Pavlova
Flora - Geoffrey Tristram
Happy Cat - Grigorij Losev
The Orange Cat - J. Alderton
Orange Cat and Grey Mouse - Igor Ignatenko
Parallel Orange Cat - Grigorij Losev
Cat in tree - James Hugh Beattie
Summer - Elena Kasnova
Jurij Popov
Cat - Joe Satterwhite
Field Cat - Leonid Kolosov
Ginger n Strawberry Bed - L.Risor
Blue Eyes - Laimonas Smergelis
Small Air Balloon - Laimonas Smergelis
Woman and Cat - Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita
Linda Bachrach
Marcia Baldwin
Mariya Chuhlebova
Morning Rehearsal - Mariya Pavlova
Delight - Gennadij Shlykov
Mariya Pavlova
Moon - Natalya Bronnikova
Morning Talk - Natalya Bronnikova
Olga Velichko
Olga Velichko
Olga Velichko
Winter Holidays - Olga Kvasha
Along the Fence - Tatyana Derij
Orange Cat in the Garden - Peggy Wilson
Birding - Persis Clayton Weirs
Persis Clayton Weirs
Nice Day - Rahmet Redzepov
Robert Papp
Sullivan's Pillow - Shirley Froyd
Catnap - Shirley Froyd
Song of Brownie - Svetlana Krotova
Sueellen Ross
Autumn Cat - Svetlana Krotova
Persian cat - Svetlana Ledneva-Schukina
Unrealizable Dreams of the Orange Cat - Svetlana Krotova
Summer Cat - Svetlana Krotova
Camomile Cat - Svetlana Krotova
Orange kitten stretch - Svetlana Ledneva-Schukina
Tatyana Rodionova
Tatyana Rodionova
Tatyana Rodionova
Orange Cat - Tatyana Derij
Olga Suvorova
Ekaterina Maksimenko
Dream - Tatyana Derij
Bright Day - Tatyana Derij
Vicky Mount
This is Happiness - Valerij Syrov
Summer Magic - Valerie Aune
Cat from Boulevard Saint-Germain - Viktor Molev
Red fishes was here - Andrej Sikorskij
Cat-vagabond - Andrej Vojnevich
Autumn Cats - L.Zubova
Lev Bartenev
Alisa Majskaya
Walk on the Quiet Side - Vicky Mount
A Learned Cat - Natalia Motuz
Anton Gorcevich
Oleg Komarov
Fishing - Roman Urbinskij
Remember the neighbour - Tatyana Derij
Cat Asleep - Andrey Sikorsky
Positively - Elena Ivanova
How could you suppose?! - Elena Ivanova
Persis Clayton Weirs
Persis Clayton Weirs
Valerij Khlebnikov
Timothy Easton