Fishing cat




Cat fishing

   Why do cats like fish so much? We are thoroughly acquainted with the fact that cats don't like water and that brings us to our issue. Have you ever seen a cat go fishing? If domestic cat doesn't hunt creatures of the seas and rivers, how did he acquire the flavor for them? On the other hand, have you ever seen any fish running down the street, to allow your cat to chase it? It seems that we have more questions than answers. May be this paintings will give us helps.

   Here below the paintings with cat fishing are presented. Click to any painting to enlarge it.

Anatolij Yaryshkin
Anatolij Yaryshkin
Fishing - Roman Urbinskij
Lying well - Anya Belova
Boris Ivanov
Return to the river - Elena Koval
The cat living on seacoast - Eugene Ivanov
Lisa Falkenstern
Cat of Burano - Isy Ochoa
Tatyana Rodionova
Tatyana Rodionova
This is happiness - Valerij Syrov
We are Fishing - Valerij Syrov
Very Modest Cat Came to Me - Valerij Syrov
Very Modest Cat Came to Me-2 - Valerij Syrov
Sphinx - Vladimir Rumyancev
Fish Day - I. Panov
With Orange Cat - Aleksandr Muhin-Cheboksarskij
Closer to the evening - Alexander Fedoseev
Valerij Khlebnikov
Rogue Tom Cat - Leonid Roslov
Irina Garmashova
Burmese cat and small fish - Francois Knopf
Are they biting? - Olga Vorobyeva
Lowell Herrero
Alena Otto-Fradina
Seacat - Marina Alekseeva
Cat Fishing - Francois Knopf
Makoto Muramatsu
Fishercats - Stepan Kashirin
Picnic - Stepan Kashirin
Constance Shields
Igor Medvedev
Vladimir Rumiantsev - Lunch is coming soon