Christmas cat




Christmas cat

   Christmas, Santa Claus, Christmas tree decorations, New Year eve - all this give us feeling of the holiday spirit and cat is integral part of this, active participant of the holiday and its embellishment.

   Here below the paintings with Christmas cat are presented. Click to any painting to enlarge it.

FineArtAmerica Prints
FineArtAmerica Prints
Debbie Cook
Cats Are Gracious - Brownd Elizabeth
Christmas kitty - Anastasiya Malakhova
Kitten - Jane Maday
Christmas Hearth - John Sloane
Christmas Morning Cat - Lynn Bonnette.
Chasing Snowflakes - Weirs Persis Clayton
Competition - Anne Mortimer
New Year's cat - Oksana Zaika
Tatyana Rodionova
Long Winter's Nap - Dona Gelsinger
Winter Moon Cat - Melissa Dawn.
New Year's cats.
Yuletide Joy - Melissa Dawn.
Christmas RFD - John Sloane
Maggie's Gift - Shirley Olsen
John Sloane
Christmas kittens
Merry Christmas
Tatyana Rodionova
I've Been Good - Persis Clayton Weirs
For dear kitty - L. Zubova.
Christmas cat - L. Zubova.
Where is Santa? - Anastasiya Malakhova
Christmas Card - David Jermann
Favorite Gift - Jim Daly
Kathy Goff
Sandra Kuck
Tatyana Rodionova
Purring Puzzler - Avril Haynes
Cosy Christmas Cat - Ruth Sanderson
Christmas Dreams - Dona Gelsinger
Santa's Workshop - Dona Gelsinger
Dona Gelsinger
Gary Patterson
Lesley Ann Ivory
Lesley Ann Ivory
Lesley Ann Ivory
 Three Barn Cats and a Christmas Tree - Lisa Monica Nelson
December - Olga Vorobyeva
Sudden Gift - Olga Vorobyeva
The Gift - Olga Vorobyeva
Makoto Muramatsu
Little Snowman - Persis Clayton Weirs
Donna Race
Holiday Basket  - Persis Clayton Weirs
Christmas Chorus - Pat Scott
Ho Ho Ho Santa - Bill Bell
The Undecorators - Persis Clayton Weirs
Moon cat - L. Zubova.
Up the Chimney He Rose - Ruth Sanderson
Too Much Fun - Persis Clayton Weirs
Star Crossed Lover - Sueellen Ross
Tom Newsom
Chrissie Snelling
Amy Rosenberg
Lisa Alderson
Lesley Ann Ivory
Michael Philip Gustafsson - Christmas Carols
Stephen Darbishire