White cat




White cat

   White cat is a favorite with many pet owners for his pristine beauty. His snow-white brightness, harmonized with golden, green, blue or "odd" eyes, makes him stand out among other cats. White cats are absolutely beautiful creatures. Is there a more touching and cute feline than a white kitten? White cat paintings demonstrate their gorgeous brilliance. Popular names for white cats are Angel, Snowflake, Casper, Cloud, Snowy.

   Here below the paintings with white cats are presented. Click to any painting to enlarge it.

FineArtAmerica Prints
FineArtAmerica Prints
Tazer - Vickie Warner
Looking for Mr. Mouse - Lynn Bonnette
The feral cloud - Connie Schaertl
Brian Day
Ljudmila Sidorova
Cat and Chair - Charles Jon Duch
Searle Max at The Pump - Dianne Whitney
Debbie Cook
Innocence - DiDi Higginbotham
Max - Dianne Whitney-Searle
When do we eat? - Gary Jenkins
Debbie Cook
Donna Masters Kriebel
I am waiting for you - Elena Antonova
Gao Xiaodi
Idyl - Dmitrij  Annenkov
Jean Paul Avisse
White cat - Karin Griffiths
Suzanne Hoefler
Ljudmila Sidorova
Ljudmila Sidorova
Two Cats with Red Hibiscus - Patricia Dahlheimer
Friends - Ljudmila Vasina
Ljudmila Sidorova
Marcia Stacy
Marcia Stacy
The green eyed vamp - Minaz Jantz
Guardian of our Dreams - Sergej Temerev
Paolo Vallone
Boris Ivanov
Sergey Dinshchik
Cat and potted plant - Sharon Farber
Bluebirman - Stephanie Manchipp
Cat near the wash-basin - Natalya Vasileva
Tatyana Gorshunova
Cat - Tatyana Gorshunova
Sleeping Cat - Tatyana Gorshunova
White Cat - Tatyana Gorshunova
Tatyana Gorshunova
Cat with a pot - Natalya Vasileva
Red Steps - Tatyana Derij
Tatyana Fedorova
Tamara Meezer Gale
Igor Tereschenko
Romance - Vladimir Rumyancev
Sadness - Vladimir Gozhev
Summer Window - Weirs Persis Clayton
Winter Window
White Cat - Yelen Jo-Anne
Cat with Kittens - Yelen Jo-Anne
Color Dreams - Nikolaj Bogomolov
Samvel Atasunc
Cat - Arsenij Lapin
French Farm - Yelen Jo-Anne
Robert Papp
Valerij Khlebnikov
Attention! Side-track! - Francois Knopf
The Reflection - Francois Knopf
White Cat - Francois Knopf
White pussy-cat - Elena Ivanova
Donald Zolan
Constance Shields - White Cat - White Rail
Vyacheslav Palachev