Cat portraits




Cat portraits - II

   Cats pose a real mystery. Many artists paint cat portraits in order to clear up this mystery. Some portraits show to us arrogant, aloof, indifferent cats while another expose sweet and delightful pussy-cats. Is enigma of a cat solved? Just look at this portraits...

   Here below the paintings with cat portraits are presented. Click to any painting to enlarge it.

FineArtAmerica Prints
FineArtAmerica Prints
Francois Knopf - Norwegian Cat
Francois Knopf - Cat on the Red Cushion
Kay Smith - Serenity
L. Risor
Grigorij Nesterov - Inward
Judy Gibson
Lian Zhen - Snobbish cat
Light footed
Linnell Esler - Tabby
Liz Reinhard
Louise Welsh - Sitting Pretty
Lowell Herrero
Lowell Herrero
Marcia Baldwin
Marcia Baldwin
Marcia Baldwin
Marcia Baldwin
Marcia Baldwin
Marcia Baldwin
Melinda Copper - Vakh
Mimi Vang Olsen
Marusova Natalya  - Cat and his Thoughts
Mimi Vang Olsen
Mimi Vang Olsen - Minette
Mimi Vang Olsen - Cats Family
Mimi Vang Olsen
Mimi Vang Olsen
Ljuba Eremina - Charming
Minaz Jantz - The Green Eyed Vamp
Mindy Lighthipe - Mona with the Mushrooms
Mindy Lighthipe - Tango in the Tulips
Sarais Crawshaw - Sun Spot
Natalie Holland - Iris
Natalie Holland - Strawberry Lover Cat
Natalya Rymar - Purr
himself at home Nick Piliero - My cat makes
Nicola Bayley
Nicole Jahan - Cat and fairy
Nicole Jahan
Nicole Jahan - Lierre
Novokreschennuyh Olga
Persis Clayton Weirs
Persis Clayton Weirs
Persis Clayton Weirs
Rahmet Redzepov - Kitti
Rahmet Redzepov - Nice day
Robert Foster
Robert Foster
Oleg Komarov
Nan Wright - Persian cat with attitude
Sarah McGlohn - Cat by Window
Sharon Lamb - Tiger Cat
Sharon Steinhaus - Topaz
Shirley Froyd - Sullivan s Pillow
Svetlana Shubnikova - Matvej
Simpson Laurie - I spy
Siri Schillios
Therese Coustry
Therese Coustry
Amelies Welt
Sue Wall - Reflective moment
Sueellen Ross - Hard Day
Sueellen Ross - Peculiar Perspective
Sueellen Ross - Sun Kissed
Svetlana Ledneva-Schukina  - Persian cat
Shirley Froyd - Kitana s Favorite Place
Therese Coustry
Tamara 'Meezer' Gale
Stephanie Manchipp - Winning Look
Teresa Boston - Thomas Stray
Therese Coustry
Stephanie Manchipp - Blue Birman
Therese Coustry
Therese Coustry
Tahirih Goffic - Soaking up the sun
Therese Coustry
Therese Coustry
Stephanie Manchipp - Watching my back
Trubina Natalya - Pantry
Trubina Natalya - My Cat
Trubina Natalya - Still Life with Cat and Lamps
Vasileva Natalya - Cat near samovar
Vickie Warner - Tazer
Vjatseslav Mjod
Wain Louis - The cat in his garden
Vladimir Ljubarov - Cat
Tina W. Nocera
Tatyana Ivlicheva - Orange Cat
Stephanie Manchipp - Birman
Aleksandr Maksimuk - Sluggard
Braldt Bralds
Bonnie Marris - Big Gray's Barn and Bistro